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Design Solutions
Truly To Scale

Our standards continually exceed both local and international protocols, so you can trust that you have our lifetime no-greenwashing guarantee.

Purple Orb floating on black background
Purple Orb floating on black background

We Are Forging New Pathways and


Our approach to climate science is focused specifically on boosting biodiversity, the built environment, disaster resilience, and permaculture design technology in living spaces for living systems.

We keep the well-being of the earth and its inhabitants at the center focus so that our design sites enhance the livability for local residents and provide economically generative carbon sinks.

Team Members

Eloisa Alena Lewis

Founder, Lead Design Consultant
William Padilla-Brown image

William Padilla-Brown

Director of Regenerative Design
Kelsey Wakefield image

Kelsey Wakefield

Director of Built Environment Design
Mandalin Sattler image

Mandalin Sattler

Director of Permaculture Systems
Auky Gonzales-Gysin image

Auky Gonzales-Gysin

Chief Financial Officer
Image of Katia Kuzmenko, the Lead Creative Director of New Climate Culture

Katia Kuzmenko

Lead Creative Director
Mandeep Dhaliwal Singh image

Mandeep Dhaliwal Singh

Director of Culture & Events
Priyanka Malhotra image

Priyanka Malhotra

Executive Assistant

Our Services

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Design Consulting

Without a solid understanding of biology and climate science, investor producers are being led into dangerous investments that promise a better world and deliver the opposite: more problems, more extinction, more toxic waste, more accidents, less bio-molecular diversity, more suffering. Fortify your securities for seven generations.

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Speaking & Events

Do you have a captive audience in need of climate smart sustenance? We've gathered and assembled your go-to "green team" of game changers.

Take advantage of our internationally acclaimed speakers and event designers to explore topics such as; climate action, technology, culture, soil microbiology, social permaculture, decolonization, environmental remediation, future economics, and more.

Why Are We The Best Solution

To Climate Change On The Market?

The answer is simple:

Full suite, whole systems design delivery. No body else is presenting a product for enterprise solution that is combating climate change across all of the most important sectors of industry.

Our proprietary built environment designs are actually re-defining the potential and range of experience that will transport bodies and goods across wild and developed spaces.

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CEO, Eloisa Lewis

Eloisa Alena Lewis

Principal Consultant, Director, & CEO

New Climate Culture, formed in 2022 by Climate Scientist and Futurist Eloisa Lewis, is a leading climate science think tank focused on delivering climate solutions to communities and industries across the globe while influencing international policy goals.

The organization’s objective is to establish abundant local economies, better business practices, carbon sequestration sites, and circular economies across the globe. New Climate Culture’s collective of world-renowned researchers and experts bring a multidisciplinary approach to present long-term, forward-thinking climate solutions.

"I believe Elsa's personal philosophy on social and ecological permaculture and way of educating proper reform throughout is essential in the way that she calls for direct action towards climate and social issues now, while providing solutions."
- Taylor Glenn
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